Weight loss surgery problems – complications after gastric bypass and lap band

Weight loss surgery problems – complications after gastric bypass and lap band
Is weight loss surgery really the answer?

Outspoken blogger Lisa Sargese shares her real life experience with gastric bypass and dieting.

Had my first weight loss surgery at age 23 in 1988 as part of Dr. Lubomyr Kuzmak’s experimental group to receive the first adjustable gastric band in the USA (not called the lap band as it was done via open abdominal incision). When that sprang a leak I received another gastric band via open surgery in 1993. After the port flipped over inside me I decided to just live with it rather than undergo yet another surgery…………………..­… My weight reached its highest (400+ pounds) in 2006 as the old gastric band dug painfully into my stomach causing adhesions and complications that scared off most of the surgeons I approached. Finally had a revision from the band to an RNY gastric bypass in 2006 (by the very competent Dr. Daniel Davis). Riding the honeymoon-high of rapid weight loss from post-op starvation and energy drinks to fuel my compulsive exercising, I lost over 140 pounds in under 2 years. Then I hit a plateau and my energy bottomed out. Half the weight came back even though I consumed a restricted amount of food. My body began to break down from fatigue and lack of nourishment. My hair fell out and my complexion looked grey (the WLS world calls it ‘grey ghost syndrome’). I spent 3 years in a wheelchair due to severe arthritis and multiple knee surgeries ………………. I have been blogging EVERY DAY since the gastric bypass as I recover from depression, sleep apnea, diabetes, anemia, adrenal fatigue, crippling body shame and what used to be a severe binge eating disorder. I’ve learned the hard way that “eating less and exercising more” is not a guarantee of thinness and that thinness is not a reliable determinant of health. I’m learning that being gentle on myself, practicing self acceptance, responding to what my body needs and embracing body-positivity is difficult, but supports enduring wellness………My recovery has centered around real, whole food, affirming self-talk and the Health at Every Size (sm) philosophy……….I believe that Real Recovery can happen when we take the emphasis off of dieting, deprivation and weight loss and instead focus on holism, worthiness and well-being. Diets don’t work. Self-care does.

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Lisa Sargese speaks and blogs about achievement, recovery, and the mind body connection. She has been a college professor for over 12 years teaching Religion, Women’ Studies, and Psychology…Lisa is certified as a hypno-counselor with the National Guild of Hypnotists. She uses hypnosis with groups and individuals to create habit change and relieve stress. Lisa speaks publicly on a variety of topics including spirituality, personal development, goal-reaching, and healing…..Lisa holds two Master’s degrees: an M.T.S. in Theological Studies from Drew University, ’02, and an M.A. in Counseling and Human Services from Montclair State, ’06. She also has her B.A. in Philosophy and Women’s Studies. Lisa was honored with the Tikkin Olam Award for her interfaith work in 2012. She received the ‘Mirror Mirror’ Award in 2009 for her work in body positivity and eating disorder recovery. Lisa is a trained Qi Gong Therapist, leads guided meditation, and uses essential oils to facilitate healing. Contact Lisa: BelovedIdeas@gmail.com