Woman left with 13 kg of excess skin after weight loss surgery

Woman left with 13 kg of excess skin after weight loss surgery
A mother-of-three quit smoking to pay for a tummy tuck operation after being left with two stone of excess skin after weight loss surgery.
After losing more than 11 stone after the gastric bypass, Michelle Lee wanted to show off her new svelte body.
But the 47-year-old couldn’t buy any new clothes because of a mass of unsightly overhanging stomach fat, known as an ‘apron’ of skin.

Determined to find a solution, Mrs Lee, from Dartford, Kent, decided to quit smoking to pay for an apronectomy.
This a tummy tuck procedure which removes the excess skin from the abdomen.
After saving up more than £1,000 for the operation, a surgeon removed almost two stone of loose skin and fat from her midriff, in the biggest tummy tuck he had had ever seen.
The surgeon even said the volume of excess skin was so big, he required help from a colleague to remove it.
Mrs Lee is now ecstatic about her flatter stomach.
She said: ‘I feel like a new woman after the surgery.

‘I’d lost so much weight all I wanted to do was buy nice clothes and show off my slim body.
‘But whenever I went to try something on, my stomach would hang out of the bottom of a skirt.
‘It was embarrassing and meant I wore baggy tops and trousers to cover it up.
‘It really got me down but I was determined to make a change.
‘After six months of not smoking I’d saved the money to get the surgery and now I couldn’t be happier.’

At her heaviest, she weighed 25 stone and suffered high blood pressure and peripheral vascular disease.
This is where a build up of fatty deposits in the arteries restricts blood supply to leg muscles, causing pain.
In 2011, she underwent a gastric bypass and over the next year lost 11 and a half stone.
She wanted to show off her thinner frame and splash out a new wardrobe, but found buying clothes a nightmare because of her overhanging skin.
Mrs Lee said: ‘I weighed half as much as before, but my belly looked the same size.
‘I would walk into shops and pick up these gorgeous tops and skirts, but when I tried them it wouldn’t cover the overhang.
‘Although I wanted to throw them out, I had to carry on wearing my old clothes.
‘When I should have been looking forward to my new, lighter life I couldn’t as I was still so conscious about my stomach.’
After two years of being upset about her figure, Mrs Lee decided to take action and looked into cosmetic surgery.
As she was unable to work due to her peripheral vascular disease, she knew she would have to sacrifice something to save the money.
She quit her 20 cigarette-a-day habit – which cost £6 – and put her savings into a kitty.
Finally at the end of October 2014, with a bit of help from her kids, she had saved up the £1000 to pay for her apronectomy and liposuction.
She flew to Poland and had her surgery through Europe Surgery, having read rave reviews from customers.
During the apronectomy the chief surgeon, Adam Kalecinski, removed 1st 4lbs of skin and liposuction sucked 3litres of fat, weighing 7lbs, from her stomach.

Mrs Lee is now ‘delighted’ with her figure.
She said: ‘I feel like a completely different woman now.
”I’ve finally been able to go out and buy the clothes I wanted to when I had the gastric bypass.
‘I wasn’t worried about going out to Poland as all the reviews were positive and you could tell they were real people.
‘The surgery has changed my life and I wouldn’t be worried about recommending them.’
Chief surgeon Adam Kalecinski said: ‘It was the biggest apronectomy I have ever done.
‘Because of this I had the help of another surgeon at the clinic to reduce the operation time.
‘I am very pleased with the outcome of the operation.
‘I believe Michelle intends to carry on losing weight, which is great, but without the apron of skin she will now have a much better quality of life.’